PINE Oriented Strand Board OSB3 Flakeboards

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OSB(Oriented Strand Board) is manufactured from heat-cured adhesives and rectangular- shaped wood strands, that are arranged in cross-oriented layers. Produced in large and continuous mats, OSB is a solid-panel product of consistent quality with few voids or gaps. While these scraps of wood may appear randomly placed, each piece of wood is actually aligned to maximize the strength of the panel. The layers are subjected to high levels of heat and pressure and joined together to create a secure bond. The finished product is an engineered wood panel that shares many of the strength and performance characteristics of plywood.
OSB is a widely used and versatile structural wood panel. Oriented strand board is used in residential and commercial construction. It is suitable for a variety of end uses including subflooring, single-layer flooring, wall and roof sheathing, sheathing ceiling/deck, structural insulated panels, webs for wood I-joists, industrial containers, mezzanine decks, and furniture.

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Product name Pine oriented strand board OSB3 flake board
After sale service Online technical support
Place of Origin Shandong ,China
Slab structure 3 -layer structure boards
Glue E0/E1 /CARP P2
Material Pine wood
Size 1220*2440mm , 1250*2550mm or as your request
Thickness 6-25mm
Density 600-650kg/M3
Moisture 6%-10%
Packing 1) Inner packing: Inside pallet is wrapped with a 0.20mm plastic bag
2) Outer packing: Pallets are covered with carton and then steel tapes for strengthening;


OSB3 is an environmentally friendly and waterproof adhesive, which is an upgraded board of OSB2. It has good environmental protection and moisture resistance. As the board surface is not as beautiful as OSB2, OSB3 is mostly used for base boards, suspended ceilings, or bottoming. OSB3's waterproof and moisture resistance is more suitable for base boards, but OSB2 is not suitable.


1) Tight construction and high strength;
2) Minimum twisting, delamination or warping;
3) Water proof, consistent when exposed in the natural or wet environment;
4) Low formaldehyde emission;
5) Good nailing strength, easy to be sawn, nailed, drilled, grooved, planed, filed or polished;

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