Four Things to Know Import Plywood From China

Chinese plywood’s main market is the Middle-East, Europe, andSouth-East. Especially Middle-East market becomes the main market of Chinese plywood such as the Film faced plywood, Commercial plywood, Packing plywood, Birch plywood, and LVL.

1. Plywood industry in China

1.) Export markets

Main importing markets :  In 2021,the veneered plywood ,commercial plywood ,film faced plywood — the total export value amount was 38.1 billion US dollars.That you can see the potential development of China Plywood. The top 3 markets for Chinese Plywood includes The Middle-east countries, Europe ,South-east countries .

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2.) Plywood Varieties

Commercial Plywood

Commercial Plywood can be used widely in many fields: construction, packaging, furniture, … with many qualities from standard to high-end quality.

Grade: AA, AB, BB.

Face/Back: Bintagor, Oukume, sepele, Birch, Oak, Melamine,…

Core: Poplar, Eucalyptus,combi hardwood —-

Glue:E0, E1,

Hot-pressing: 1 time or 2 times

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Film Faced Marine Plywood

Film-faced plywood is one of the advantages of China,It is mainly used for concrete formwork. As a film faced marine plywood that is the advantage of China as indigenous plantation of poplar for making film faced marine plywood . China film faced marine plywood with different grades quality which can meet the requirement of clients from all over the world.

The size : 4×8 ft , 3x6ft or as your request .

Core : whole core ,finger joint core ,Poplar core , Eucalyptus core ,Combi core –

Face/Back :black film , brown film , or as your requirements .

Glue : WBP , MR 

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Packing Plywood

Packing plywood is mainly used in the packaging industry, such as making crates, pallets, …

Grade: AB, BC

Face/Back: Bintagor/Oukume

Core: Poplar, Eucalyptus, combi core …

Hot-press: 1 time

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Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

LVL is a type of plywood laminated veneer lumber, the main market forLVL is Korea, Japan, and Malaysia.

Grade: Furniture Grade/Packaging grade

Core: Eucalyptus, poplar, combi Hardwood,…

Face/Back: poplar,Bintangor,pine –

Hot-press: 1 time

The application of LVL is: Making Furniture, Building, Pallets, Crate,…

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2.Advantages of China wood plantation

In the North of China , usually plant the poplar ,birch ,pine  while in the south can plant the eucalptus ,rubber etc . they provide the potential amount of wood for the development of the wood board and plywood industries.

3. Chinese plywood price 

Different kinds of plywood and the price of plywood is diverse also. The price range of Chineseplywood is from 170 USD to 500 USD FOB, Qingdao port, China, depending on the quality requirement and the market price.

4.Chinese plywood characteristics

1.) Good uniformity: Due to the use of multi-layer wooden boards arranged in a staggered manner, each layer is firmly glued together, resulting in a uniform internal structure, stable strength, and less deformation of the entire plywood.

2.) High strength: The multi-layer boards of plywood are arranged in a certain direction, which can effectively avoid the disadvantage of single direction wood being prone to fracture. At the same time, the strength and toughness of the wood can be utilized to significantly improve the overall strength of the board.

3. )Easy to use: The surface of plywood is flat, smooth, and free from defects such as scars and scabs, making it easy to process and use.

4.) Good durability: The surface of the plywood is coated with panel coating, which improves its waterproof, fire resistant, insect resistant, and mold resistant properties, thus ensuring good durability.

5.) Strong plasticity: The material of plywood is flexible and can be processed into various shapes and specifications according to needs to meet the needs of different occasions.

6.) Good environmental friendliness: The production process of plywood does not require a large amount of logging, and can be made from repeatedly used waste wood and surplus wood, so the impact on the environment is relatively small. At the same time, environmentally friendly adhesive is used inside the plywood, which will not release harmful substances.

7.) Affordable: Compared to solid wood panels, plywood has a lower production cost, making it relatively affordable. Meanwhile, plywood has good durability and a longer service life, which can save more usage costs.

In short, plywood, as an important type of board, has been widely used in fields such as architecture, furniture, vehicles, packaging, etc. Its advantages include good uniformity, high strength, convenient use, good durability, strong plasticity, good environmental friendliness, economy, and good sound insulation effect, which can meet various needs.  

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Post time: Nov-11-2023