Commercial plywood

Linyi Wanhang Wood Industry Co.,Ltd is one of the commercial plywood suopliers and Manufacturers in China

We can produce the the commercial plywood :

whole poplar plywood ,birch faced plywood ,okoume faced plywood , Bintangor faced plywood ,saple faced plywood , beech faced plywood , pine plywood , red/white engineer plywood ,—–

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What is commercial plywood?

 The commercial plywood is the market plywood that you can access in any hardware store when you ask for plywood. The commercial plywood is usually a grade of plywood that is used for furniture ,decoration and package. The commercial plywood is also termed MR plywood where MR denotes moisture resistant. This means that the plywood can withstand a certain amount of dampness, humidity, and moisture. The commercial plywoods are made with different types of core veneers that are popular in a particular geographical location. You have commercial plywood made of poplar verneers in north area while In the south whereas made of eucalyptus verneers in China. 

Types based on the veneer of wood used.

Hardwood plywood- This refers to the plywood that is manufactured by bonding together veneers from hardwood.

Softwood plywood- This refers to the use of veneers of softwoods that are glued together that are then heat pressed in the manufacturing of softwood plywood.

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Types based on the number of plies

A number of plies refer to the layers of veneers that is used in the manufacturing of the plywood.such as 3 ply ,5ply ,7 ply, 9 ply,11ply, and it will be much higher price as the number of ply increases.

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Glues of the commercial plywood

MR: It can resistant to moisture, humidity, and dampness to some extent.

WBP: normally refer to the melamine adhesive and phenolic resin adhesive which can resistant to the boiled water and weather .

E0 : E0≤0.5 mg/L

E1: E1≤1.5 mg/L

E2 : E2≤5.0mg/L

Commercial Plywood specification :

4×8 feet ,3×7 feet ,— or the size as the customers’s requirements

Commercial plywood has a wide range of applications in various fields, including furniture manufacturing, interior decoration, doors and windows, and packaging.

1.)Furniture manufacturing: commercial plywood is often used to make cabinets, shelves, floors, and wall panels.

2.)Interior decoration: comercial plywood can be used as an interior decoration material, such as partitions, stair treads, and wall panels. Its smooth surface makes it suitable for painting and paint spraying to achieve different decorative effects.

3.)Construction field:commercial plywood can be used for building structures, doors, windows, and floors. It can be used as a substrate for flooring, or for making wall panels and ceilings.

4.)Packaging industry: Due to the strength and stability of commercial plywood, it is commonly used to make packaging boxes and pallets. Commercial plywood can be customized with different sizes and specifications of packaging boxes as needed to protect and transport items.

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What is the difference between a commercial board and commercial plywood?

Commercial board refers to the MDF and particle board. The difference is that the commercial plywoods are made by gluing together layers of wood veneer, while the MDF and particle boards are made of fine particles of wood or wood fibers and mixed with glue and then compressed under high pressure which can be used for decorative and furniture purposes.However, plywood is durable and stronger than particle boards.and MDF.

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