18mm Engineered Veneered poplar commercial furniture White EV plywood

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EV Plywood also called Science and technology wood veneer, which is a type of wooden veneer used for artificial imitation natural wood grain decoration. Its material is natural fast-growing wood, such as common poplar,Northeast basswood in China.

On the condition of not changing the natural characteristics and microscopic physical structure of wood, a high-end wooden decorative material with precious tree species, wood texture and color, and even more artistic effects is produced by comprehensively applying advanced technologies such as computer three-dimensional simulation technology, color measurement and matching technology, wood color matching technology, molding molding, and wood anti-corrosion.

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Product name Engineer veneered white EVplywood
Surface White EV
Core Poplar,Eucalyptus ,Combi core,or as required
Density 520-750kg/m3
Hot Press Time 1 time,2 times,3 times
Moisture 6%-14%
Glue Phenolic,WBP Melamine,E0,E1,E2,MR
Size 1220x2440mm,1250x2500mm,1250x3000mm,or as Customized
Thickness 3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm/15mm/16mm/17mm/18mm/20mm/22mm/27mm/30mm
Usage Furniture,Packing

Engineered Veneer Plywood is widely used in Indoor Decoration .It can coated with Melamine paper , HPL , PVC ,etc . The most popular grade is BB/CC grade. The white EV plywood  is a perfect base material for indoor decoration boards.

Properties of white EV plywood

1.)EV plywood face no wormholes, knots, colour change and other natural wood defects inherent in the nature, is a kind of almost no defects of decorative materials, at the same time, its texture and color all have certain regularity
2.)One of the main advantages of white EV plywood is its environmental friendliness. It is made from natural wood that is processed without the use of harmful chemicals, making it an eco-friendly material. Moreover, whtie EV plywood is produced using a hot-pressing technique that does not require the use of formaldehyde or other toxic substances, making it safe for both human health and the environment.
3.)Another advantage of white EV plywood is its high strength and water resistance. Its multi-layered structure gives it greater strength, making it ideal for use in furniture, construction, and vehicle industries. In furniture manufacturing,

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