18 mm thickness Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) Poplar Bed Slats

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Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) bed slat is a material made by laminating thick veneers along the grain direction, hot pressing, gluing, and sawing. It can compensate for the shortcomings of artificial fast-growing wood, such as soft materials, low strength, and large size variability, achieving optimal use of inferior wood and large use of small wood, and alleviating the contradiction caused by wood shortage.

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Product name Poplar LVL bed slat
Place of Origin Shandong,China
Core Poplar, Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus and Poplar mixed
Surface Poplar, bleached polar, birch, beech, foil paper etc.
Size Thickness :6-30mm,width:20-120mmLength :2000mm
Glue MR /E0/E1/F4S
Moisture <14%
Shape Flat ,overlap joint
Loading port Qingdao,China
Package Pallet with plastic film and packing belt.
Application Bed,sofa etc

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Characteristics of LVL

The production method of unidirectional assembly and parallel hot pressing makes LVL have advantages such as uniform structure, high strength, and good dimensional stability compared to solid wood, which can meet the requirements of various fields of use.
1.High stability strength: veneer laminated timber has a high strength to weight ratio, superior to steel; Uniform structure with high reliability.
2.High economic efficiency: There are no special requirements for raw materials, and different tree species and quality of wood can be used for laminated bonding without removing defects such as knots. Compared with laminated wood, it can increase the yield by more than twice, with a yield of up to 60%~70%.
3. Easy to handle: According to the environmental requirements of the product, special treatments such as anti-corrosion, pest prevention, and fire prevention can be applied to the product.
The veneer impregnated with phenolic resin has good dimensional stability,
By using vacuum pressure and phenolic resin impregnation treatment, a compact LVL with higher hardness, finish strength, and water resistance than ordinary LVL.
4.Standardization can be achieved: During the production process, single boards are classified according to certain standards to produce standard products with different levels of quality.
5. Easy to process: It is convenient for mechanical cutting such as sawing, planing, milling, drilling, tenoning, drilling, sanding, etc.
6.Has anti vibration and vibration reduction properties: Single layer laminated wood has extremely strong anti vibration and vibration reduction performance, can resist fatigue damage caused by periodic stress, and can be used as a structural material.
7. Good flame retardancy: Due to the temporal nature of the wood pyrolysis process and the bonding structure of laminated veneer lumber, laminated veneer lumber as a structural material has better fire resistance than steel.

Application LVL Plate

Due to its advantages in specifications, strength and performance, LVL has a very wide range of applications. It can be divided into:
LVL (load-bearing component) for structural use: including load-bearing structural components such as building beams and columns, wooden structures, etc;
Non structural LVL (non load-bearing component): including furniture, stairs, doors, door and window frames, indoor partitions, etc

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