What is Film Faced Plywood?

Film faced plywood also called shuttering plywood which is an outdoor plywood used in formwork and building construction. It is special plywood with two sides waterproof film coating on surface made from wbp phenolic on both sides.And the shuttering plywood has strong waterproof and moisture resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and bending resistance.Because of its excellent moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and higher acid and alkali resistance, as well as light weight, bending resistance and easy cutting, film faced plywood is very suitable for use as building formwork.
Film Faced Plywood (1)
The special waterproof membrane on the surface of this plywood and the edge waterproof coating together form a closed waterproof whole, making it more durable and not easy to deform when used in extreme weather and harsh environments outdoors.Film faced plywood can be used as horizontal fomwork and beam-column formwork that require high flexural shear strength, strong water repellency to ensure the integrity of the concrete build and the accuracy of its shape. Conventional film faced plywood thicknesses are 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 25mm and 28mm. The thickness of shuttering plywood for special needs can exceed 40mm.
Specifications of film faced plywood
1.)Film type :
There are two types of surface film use in China shuttering plywood: imported films and domestic films.Imported film refer to film produced by foreign companies, such as Dynea film. Dynea film is the most stable film currently used in the manufacture of shuttering plywood.Domestic film refers to the film produced in China.
2.) Film Specifications :
The film of shuttering plywood is generally 80g, 120g, 220g, 240g. According to the practical application of shuttering plywood and the requirements of customers, choose and usethe surface film of corresponding specifications.
3.) Film Colors :
The surface film colors of common shuttering plywood are mainly black film, brown film, and red film.The color of the film paper is generally made according to the preferences
of each customer, and does not necessarily represent the grade of the film paper.
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(4). Core material species :
Commonly used core board of plywood are poplar core, combi core, eucalyptus core and birch core.Generally, poplar core is the most commonly used core material for shuttering plywood, because the price of poplar core is competitive and cost-effective.If it is a bridge or a high-rise building or a special engineering building, you can choose birch cladding panels.
In order to meet the needs of the market, disposable or low-rise buildings have also appeared in the market in recent years. The core board structure is generally finger jiont core.
(5). Adhesives Types : MR glue, WBP-melamine glue, WBP-Phenolic glue
MR glue is mainly suitable for environments that are not too humid, and the manufacturing cost is relatively low.
WBP-melamine glue has a certain degree of waterproofness and is an improved MR glue, which is currently the most used glue for building templates.
WBP-Phenolic glue has excellent waterproof and environmental protection, as well as excellent stability, it is the highest grade glue used in building formwork.
High-end building formwork uses phenolic glue specially customized for us by Dynea.
(6). Thickness of shuttering plywood:
The commonly used sizes of shuttering plywood are 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21m, of which 12mm, 15mm, 18mm are the most used thicknesses.
We can provide shuttering plywood in the thickness range of 4 mm-50 mm. Thickness can be customized according to your requirements.
(7). Dimensions of shuttering plywood:
Standard size is 1220X2440mm, 1200X2400mm, 1250X2500mm.And other special customized sizes will be produced according to your requirements .
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Application of shuttering plywood
Film faced plywood is widely used in the construction industry and trailer floorproduction. It is easy to mount and use.
1.) Construction projects
Film faced plywood can be used as concrete formwork in construction projects, casting concrete roofs, beams and columns and other concrete construction bodies.
Film faced plywood can be used as wallboard.

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