The Application of Flame Retardant Plywood

There are many types of boards, among which flame-retardant plywood is widely used. Today, I will briefly introduce the uses of flame-retardant plywood. Let’s take a look together.
What are the uses of flame retardant plywood
Flame retardant plywood is mainly used in shopping malls, homes, hotels, and other places. It can effectively suppress fires and isolate open flames in the event of a fire, reduce heat generation, Save more time for people to escape, and ensure the safety of life and property.
The Application of Flame Retardant Plywood (1)
1.Plywood is widely used in furniture production and is one of the three main types of artificial boards. It is usually used as a substrate to make household panels such as ecological boards, unpainted boards, and decorative panels. Plywood is also divided into three categories: one is weather resistant, boiling water resistant, and steam resistant. It can withstand immersion in cold water and short-term warm water, but cannot tolerate boiling, and the other is moisture resistant. The strength of plywood varies, and the use of plywood varies depending on its strength.
The Application of Flame Retardant Plywood (2)
2.Flame retardant board has excellent physical and mechanical functions, with strong nail grip, smooth and flat surface, and can also be processed for secondary processing. It can be used for pasting veneer, paint paper, impregnation paper, and can also be directly used for painting and printing decoration.
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3.Flame retardant board is a type of board that is difficult to burn. Of course, flame retardant materials are not completely non combustible, but rather difficult to burn things that can withstand fire for tens of minutes to several hours. Plywood is a combustible material that can undergo carbonization, ignition, and combustion when the ambient temperature is appropriate, but generally does not undergo spontaneous combustion.

Precautions for using flame-retardant boards
1. There are various types of flame retardant boards, including moisture resistance, water resistance, weather resistance, boiling water resistance, etc. Choose the appropriate type of flame retardant board according to the actual situation.
2. The grades of flame-retardant boards are Class B which correspond to the B1 level of previous national flame-retardant standards. When using, please choose a flame-retardant board with an appropriate fire rating according to the fire protection requirements.
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3. Flame retardant board has a flame retardant effect, but the use of adhesive is indispensable. It is not only necessary to pay attention to its flame retardant performance, but also to environmental protection.

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