HPL fireproof plywood fire rated board

When decorating customized cabinets, you may have heard of fire-resistant boards in the market, as well as flame-retardant boards when buying decoration boards. Both of them are a type of board with certain flame retardancy and flame resistance. Under the demand of consumers, the field of fire-resistant materials has rapidly developed and gradually derived a variety of fire-resistant and flame-retardant materials.
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HPL Fireproof Board – Fire Rated Plywood is the fireproofing building materials for surface decoration.During the manufacturing process of fireproof board or film, they are made of multi-layer kraft paper and surface colored paper impregnated with high-quality phenolic resin adhesive, and then placed in a high-temperature environment under high pressure. As a result, the board has a high density.The fireproof board or film has rich surface colors, patterns, and special physical properties. Fireproof panels can be used in many areas, such as countertops, interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory countertops, exterior walls, and so on. Just press the fireproof board and board tightly together. When selecting, the manufacturer can process according to their own size and color requirements. Due to its veneer, the fireproof board can be handled very flexibly, and there are many colors of the fireproof board, giving us a lot of room for selection.

This type of veneer fireproof board or film which is made of kraft paper with high-temperature pressed,and kraft paper is also thin in thickness, with a conventional thickness of only about 1mm, in order to better adapt to the installation of veneer matching with the substrate plywood in decoration. Although the thickness is relatively thin, the veneer fireproof board or film has excellent qualities such as wear resistance, impact resistance, and moisture resistance. In the decoration material market, fireproof board is a high-quality board.
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The high-quality veneer fireproof plywood or chipboard on the market can reach the B1 level flame retardant level, which means that this type of veneer fireproof board, mainly made of kraft paper, not only does not have the same effect of supporting combustion as wood when exposed to open flames indoors, but also can achieve fire resistance and flame retardancy in about half an hour after being immersed in high pressure, This performance effectively slows down the speed of fire spread to a large extent.
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Fireproof boards have become the leading product in the cabinet market due to their bright colors, multiple pattern choices, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, waterproofing, moisture resistance, and other characteristics, and are being chosen and accepted by more and more families.

Post time: May-29-2023