Chipboard vs. MDF vs. plywood

The materials you will use for home furniture will explain their quality and design. It will also tell you how long the device will be used, how much maintenance is required, and so on.
Considering this, you should choose the furniture material that best suits your needs. This not only helps you improve the quality of your house, but also helps maintain the value of your investment.
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The three most common materials are particle board, medium density fiberboard and plywood. These are the contents that we will compare in the following sections. You can expect to understand the advantages and disadvantages of furniture materials.
What is particle board?
Particle board is made with the help of heat. Composite materials such as shavings, sawdust, resin, wood chips, and other fibers are hot pressed together to form the material at hand. In addition, the material is combined with adhesives and release agents. This enables it to develop resistance.
The following are some of the most common types of particle board:
Single layer particle board,Multi layer particle board,Oriented strand board,Melamine particle board
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Usually, you can see the materials used in cabinets, countertops, and floors.Because it is lighter than most bases, it is most suitable for furniture that does not need to bear heavy loads. Particle board can also be seen in the equipment that needs assembly to work.
Here are the advantages and disadvantages of particle board that you need to know.
On the One hand, the advantages are:
1.)Cost effectiveness
In terms of furniture materials, the material at hand is one of the cheapest. It also requires minimal maintenance, which means you don’t have to worry about recurring costs.
2.)Highly decorative
Because most particle board is flat and smooth, it can match almost any interior design.
Lightweight design for easy movement
Particle board has a lightweight structure. If you plan to build a piece of furniture that can be easily carried anywhere, this will be a good choice.
On the other hand, disadvantages include:
1.)Low strength capacity
It is well known that particle board has different strength from plywood and other types. Although durable, it cannot handle common items that ordinary wooden materials can possess. In addition, it is prone to bending and breaking when overloaded.
2.)Poor response to moisture
When the material is damp, it will expand, deform, or change color. This can be very annoying for homeowners.
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With these in mind, particle board is most suitable for furniture designed specifically for standby – which means furniture that is not used frequently and is used only for light tasks.
What is medium density fiberboard?
Moving forward, MDF represents medium density fiberboard. This mainly uses wood fibers in production. Like particle board, it uses heat to handle the final output. You can expect it to have a very smooth and almost flawless surface.
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There are only two common types of MDF. These are
Moisture-proof MDF
Flame retardant MDF
The material can be used for furniture components such as cabinets, roofs, door components, and podiums. Because this has greater strength than specific boards, MDF is preferred when building storage based furniture. This is also the most suitable for making shelves.
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Advantages and disadvantages of MDF
Here are the advantages you should be aware of:

1.)Multifunctional materials
MDF is a good material for almost all types of furniture. Due to its protective properties and smooth surface, it is also easy to design.
2.)Highly durable
This material has very high durability. Therefore, as long as you control MDF based furniture well, you can expect its service life.
3.)Environmentally friendly
Due to the use of existing wood fibers in the manufacturing of MDF, you can expect it to be more environmentally friendly.
For drawbacks:
The material at hand is much heavier than other materials. If you often move or like to mix and match furniture, this may be a disadvantage.
2.)Easy to damage
As is, MDF wood is durable. However, if you place it under extreme pressure, it will quickly damage.
If you plan to use MDF for furniture that will remain in a certain part of your home, you will benefit from MDF. Although fully functional, this is not ideal if you want a portable device.

The last furniture material we will discuss is plywood.
Plywood may be the most familiar to you. This is one of the most durable and valuable woods. This uses stacked wooden veneers and then presses them together to construct a single engineered wood.
The following is a list of the most commonly used types of plywood:
Commercial plywood /fancy plywoood / HPL plywood / marine plywood ,Film faced plywood
Plywood has many uses in furniture. For example, some people use it for bookshelves, bed boards, floors, cabinets, etc. This almost meets the demand for home furniture.
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Advantages and disadvantages of plywood
Firstly, the following are the advantages:
1.)Highly resistant to multiple threats
Unlike the first two, plywood is less susceptible to moisture and water damage. Therefore, this will not discolor or bend.
2.)Flexible structure and design
Plywood is easy to form. This also ensures a simple design process, as it is easy to stain and match the paint.
3.)Excellent durability and strength
This material has the strongest manufacturing structure. This ensures a longer service life and is less susceptible to multiple damages.
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The disadvantage is expensive.
Although the price of plywood will definitely reflect fairness through its quotation, we cannot deny that plywood is expensive. This may be difficult to budget, especially if you need a large amount of furniture.If you are looking for a safe choice, then you should choose plywood.
Although particle board, MDF and plywood look almost the same, their uses and purposes are different. Therefore, when selecting these furniture materials, you must evaluate certain factors. These include the type of furniture you want, which room you will be using, and the furniture you like.

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