Birch plywood

Birch is one of the most well-known raw materials for plywood in the world, and as for the reason, birch is very easy to cut into thin slices. In addition, it also has good density, a sturdy structure, and a light brown surface that can be easily dyed, giving it sufficient conditions to make plywood and meet various design needs. Its light wood grain can transform it into various other wood surface textures through surface treatment, so birch is almost universal in surface treatment.
The birch wood with clear and visible growth rings, after cutting and processing, is made into flooring that stands out in terms of aesthetic texture. The straight and smooth wood grain, light and elegant colors, and a natural beauty of returning to simplicity. Can visually give people a different effect. Therefore, birch flooring is a common choice for many households on the market.

Birch plywood, also known as birch multi-layer board, consists of layers of 1.5mm thick whole boards that are staggered and laminated. Density 680-700kgs/m3. Due to its characteristics such as small deformation, large size, convenient construction, low warping, and high tensile strength in transverse lines, plywood has been widely used in furniture, carriages, shipbuilding, military, packaging, and other industrial sectors,and suitable for industries such as toys, ferries, furniture decoration, gas transportation, high-speed rail aircraft, etc.
In the furniture industry, durable materials inevitably think of birch. Birch has a light color and can be processed in various ways. The processed birch furniture is generally clear and natural in color, making it very versatile.

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The birch plywood processing as follows :
1. Log logging
Only cut birch trees that are over 30 years old to ensure that the wood is compact
2.Log cooking
After the logs are transported to the factory, they first need to be peeled and steamed to ensure the softness of the wood and release the internal stress of the wood. This way, the veneer produced by rotary cutting has a smooth and flat texture, which can significantly improve the bonding strength and surface smoothness of the plywood.
3.Single board rotary cutting

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Equipped with a card shaft rotary cutting machine, the surface of the rotary cut veneer is smooth and flat without burrs, and the thickness is accurate.
4. Single board drying
Using natural sunshine drying to ensure that the moisture content of the veneer is uniform and consistent, while the dried veneer is flat with minimal damage.

5. Single board sorting and repair
The dried veneer is sorted out according to the standard requirements for grades B, BB, and C, and any non compliant repairs are made.

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6. Single board gluing and assembly
The use of high-performance phenolic resin ensures stable performance and high solid content, ensuring excellent durability and waterproofing of the produced birch plywood. Adopting a cross shaped structure to assemble the blank, ensuring the flatness of the board to the maximum extent possible.

7. Cold pressing and hot pressing
The use of automatically controlled cold and hot pressing equipment ensures that the adhesive is fully cured.
8. Sanding
High precision sanding machine can effectively ensure the accuracy and quality of sanding.
9. Trimming
Adopting high-precision sawing equipment to ensure that the tolerances in length and width are within a reasonable range.
10. Polishing
Adopting high-precision polishing machines to effectively ensure the quality of polishing.
11. Sorting, Inspection, and Packaging

The formed plywood is sorted, and items such as thickness, length, width, moisture content, and surface quality are measured. Products that do not meet the requirements are downgraded or unqualified. Qualified products will have an inspection stamp on the side of each board, and then packaged and labeled.

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The entire production process is inspected by corresponding quality inspectors, and the laboratory is equipped with various testing equipment to test the mechanical strength, bonding strength, moisture content, formaldehyde release and other technical indicators of products according to the company's inspection process, ensuring stable quality and consistent performance of the produced products.

Birch plywood specifications:
The length and width of birch plywood specifications may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, but typically there is a difference of 1220 × 2440mm、1220 × 1830mm、915 × 1830mm、915 × Different lengths and widths of plywood can be selected according to the needs of use, including 2135mm. The thickness is determined by the number of layers of the adhesive board. In addition to the surface board, the more layers the inner board is equipped with, the thicker the thickness. If plywood is classified by thickness, it can be roughly divided into several categories such as 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, and 18mm. When processing different furniture, boards of different thicknesses will be used. Of course, their market prices are also different.
The processing performance of birch plywood is very good, and its cutting surface is also very smooth because of its excellent paint and bonding performance. Therefore, birch furniture made from birch plywood as raw material has the advantage of smooth and flat paint surface.
Due to the high mechanical strength and elasticity of birch plywood, the annual rings of birch wood are relatively obvious. Therefore, birch furniture produced is not only smooth and wear-resistant, but also has clear patterns. Nowadays, many are used in structural, decorative woodworking, or internal framing.
Significant price advantage. Because it is a popular tree species with abundant resources, furniture that uses it as a raw material is generally cheaper.
Good decorative properties. The color of birch plywood is reddish brown, light, revealing a fresh and natural beauty. It is a good choice for home decoration and is also the most ideal home decoration for most consumers.

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