Moisture Resistant HMR MDF Board

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Moisture Resistant is an interior, moisture resistant MDF panel that is ideally suited for kitchen, bath and laboratory cabinets, and applications with high humidity and incidental moisture content.
Moisture Resistant MDF, or Medium Density Fibreboard, is a durable and versatile material that is specifically designed to withstand moisture and humidity. Made from wood fibres that have been combined with a special water-resistant resin, Moisture Resistant MDF is a dense and uniform board that is perfect for use in high humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.
Moisture Resistant MDF offers the same smooth, even surface as regular MDF. The water-resistant resin used in Moisture Resistant MDF also ensures that the board maintains its shape and strength even when exposed to moisture. This makes MR MDF a reliable and consistent material that is perfect for use in furniture manufacturing, cabinetry and joinery.

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Product name Green Moisture resistant /waterproof MDF fiberboard
Plain HMR MDF Board
Melamine /HPL /PVC Faced MDF HDF
Face /back Plain or Melamine Paper/ HPL /PVC /Leather / etc ( one side or both side melamine faced )
Core material wood fiber (poplar, pine, birch or combi)
Size 1220×2440, or as request
Thickness 2-25mm (2.7mm,3mm,6mm, 9mm ,12mm ,15mm,18mm or upon request)
Thickness tolerance +/- 0.2mm-0.5mm
Glue E0/E1/E2
Moisture 8%-14%
Density 600-840kg/M3
Application Can be widely used in indoor
Packing 1) Inner packing: Inside pallet is wrapped with a 0.20mm plastic bag
2) Outer packing: Pallets are covered with carton and then steel tapes for strengthening;


Moisture resistant fibreboard which adds moisture-proof agent to high density boards to enhance their strength . Therefore you can choose high density boards as cabinets and closets.
The waterproof effect of moisture-proof boards is much better than that of ordinary boards in the market. Generally speaking, ordinary moisture-proof boards will expand to a certain extent when exposed to water. However, placing moisture-proof boards underwater can maintain no deformation, no tilting, and other phenomena for 10 hours.

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